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Tuesday, May 24, 2011



I decided to write my story not because I want to titillate the imaginative libido of my fellow bloggers.

I decided to share my story because I believe that my story is not mine alone and there is somebody there who was or is in the same predicament and by telling my story I could be helping him/her the same way I think I’ll be helping myself.

In my early blog, I shared my admiration for my grandmother (Lola B) who together with her husband, Lolo E, became my surrogate parents. They loved me like their own and I will be eternally grateful for the love they gave me. However, like a line of a song, no good things ever lasts, I was ten years old when my grandfather died of heart attack, he was only fifty years old. We were all devastated by his passing especially Lola B but good for us Lolo E has a twin brother, Lolo D, that looks exactly like him which make our loss easy to bear.

Like Lolo E, Lolo D worked in the medical profession. He was a retired military nurse that was part of the contingent sent by the Philippine Government during the Vietnam War. Both Lolo E and Lolo D looks like the late movie star Jaime dela Rosa, tall, meztiso, curly hair and well built body, but despite the good looks, Lolo D never married. I once asked my Lola why lolo D is still single, she said that the reason behind it was that a girl he loved so much broke his heart, and from then on devoted his life in helping his twin manage their little farm, where he built a comfortable bachelor pad. Aside from being a chain smoker and occasional drinker, Lolo E is relatively a plain and simple person, unlike his sociable twin brother, Lolo E, a member of almost all civic and religious organizations and knows every person in our town that made our Mayor appoint him as Municipal Doctor.

Lolo D became the de facto head of the family since Lolo E died and moved in one of the extra rooms of our house in the Poblacion. It was not too hard for me to be close with Lolo D; I was the designated delivery boy of foods to his house whenever there are gatherings in our house, which gives more time to spend playing with my friends who lives near his house.

A month after the death of Lolo E, everything returned normal in our house, maybe because of Lolo D’s presence. I also returned on my normal routine of being the “crown prince” of the house, except for the occasional chores in the house.

Every weekend and holidays, I sleep in like any young boys and because my room is on the second floor, I can do my favorite pastime: reading porn while jacking off.

One time because of my foolishness I forgot to lock my door and because my bed was facing the other side I didn’t notice that Lolo D was already watching me doing my thing. I just noticed it when I heard his voice asking me what I was doing. Embarrassed, I immediately fixed myself, sat down on the side of my bed, and waited for Lolo D to say something. Lolo D moved slowly towards me, sat beside me, began to laugh while saying that it was all right and I don’t have to be embarrass because it is but normal for a young boy like me to do such things, then he started asking me things about what I know.


  1. kapatid.. :D

    make use of the blog para gawing outlet.., mahirap pag wala kang masabihan..:)

  2. kapatyid na pong! nag post na ang simula


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