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Saturday, May 14, 2011


When I was nine years old, we had a machine shop beside our house that is managed by one of my uncles and his three sons. And to scare away thieves, my cousins opted to sleep in the shop by making a bunk bed up in the ceiling that serves as their quarters/hideout. But I noticed that when the shop is not busy with costumers my cousins are always in their hideout reading some tagalog komiks. I was fond of reading komiks so I tried to borrow some from them, but they won’t let me, telling me that it s not for little boys like me. Back then I was a very insistent young man, what I want I will eventually get.

Because of my cousins suspiciously brushing me away, I became more curious and hatched a plan to get those komiks. When my cousins left the shop to go home, I sneaked inside and went up the bunk bed. As I rummaged through the pillows and blankets in search of the komiks, I smelled an odd odor. I thought it was just the smell of my cousins’ sweat and carried on with my business. I found a bunch of komiks inside one of the pillows and hurriedly went down and run to my room.

In my room, I opened up the komiks and I was shocked to see not pictures of animals, dwarfs or ordinary people but of a naked man and woman. The woman’s legs were sprung open while the man was above her doing something that makes the woman’s face grimace with pain (later I will discover that the woman’s expression was not of pain but of ecstasy) and as I scanned on through the komiks pages the scenes became more revealing: there were kissing, the man sucking the woman’s breasts, while his fingers were inside the hole of the woman. There was even a scene were the woman was sucking the man’s “junior”. Seeing these pictures, my “junior” started to grow and became hard. It was all new to me so I didn’t know what to do until a tingling sensation engulf my whole body and I felt like peeing, but instead of the usual urine, a sticky liquid form came out of my “junior” and  I felt so good.

When my cousins returned, I told them that I “borrowed” their komiks and I asked them of what I saw and felt. At first they were just laughing at me but eventually explained to me that the komiks is a bold komiks that grown men like them reads and what came out of me is called “tamod”. They even thought me how to masturbate as long as I promised not to tell my grandparents about their komiks in exchange of them not telling on me. It will be our great secret.

From them on I secretly bought komiks like what I “borrowed” from my cousins with my allowance and hide it inside the ceiling of my room, but in ways I could not explain, my grandmother discovered and burnt it. Kill joy si granny! Did it stop me from my new hobby? NOT! It was the start of something good for me, sexually at least.

Dakip si totoy!
This incident became a sort of my "pandora's box" to eroticism, lust and "ka-demonyituhan". Masturbation with porn became a daily habit: in my room, in our comfort room, our sala and machine shop. One time while I was beating my meat in the common CR of our machine shop, one of our chimiaa accidentally opened its door and caught me in a awkward position, it happened again in my room, with my sister this time, from then on I made it a point to be sure to lock the doors of my favorite rooms in the house.
As my friends would say: it's all part of growing up..growing up to be a demonyito!

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