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Saturday, May 14, 2011


Most of the porn komiks I had were straight. Though I get horny seeing a woman's pechay, I got hornier looking at a man's hard-on. I started buying gay magazines like "Ckika-Ckika" and "Icon". Stories of sexual experiences between two men and pictures of naked men makes a teenager like me with raging hormones beat my meat everyday. 

Enter the one of the technological inventions of the 80's: VHS Tapes. 

One time I heard my uncle inviting his friends to watch a movie entitled "Snow White" that his schoolmate from Manila lent him, thinking it was the animated movie from Disney, I asked him if I can watch it with them together with my other younger cousins, he answered negatively and told me that it was only for grown men like them and children are not allowed. There was that "for grown men only" dialogue again, I thought, and remembered the porn komiks of my other cousins. I became more suspicious when they locked themselves in our "T.V. room" to watched the movie, and heard moaning sounds through the door. It got me more suspicious and told myself that I have to see that movie.

When my uncle went  back to school and made it sure that nobody else was in the house, I excitedly went to our TV room and searched for the VHS tape. I found it in a cabinet at the back of old books. Now, why would my uncle hide this tape in a unusual place if it is just an animated movie about a young damsel in distress with 7 dwarfs? To end my curiosity, I turned on the TV, inserted the tape into the machine, but instead of an animated Snow White, a real woman with 7 big men and not dwarfs appeared on the screen. After a few minutes of spoken words, 'Snow White" and the 7 men started to undress and did something that I just see on the komiks I read. My jaws dropped, my eyes opened wide and my heart started to beat fast with what I am seeing, then I felt a familiar tingly feeling all over my body and my "putotoy" started to "rise to the occasion". The things I was reading and imagining before is now alive with actions and sounds.

Mechanically my hands went inside my shorts and started massaging my massive hard-on. Watching the 7 muscled men simultaneously touching, kissing and inserting their hard p*nises inside the different holes that this poor woman and all the sounds they were making added to my sexual excitement. My eyes transfixed to the screen, with moans of ecstasy from "Snow White" matched my heavy breathing, suddenly the feeling of bliss in form of white sticky liquid shoot out from that part of my body my right was holding. It made my body quivered vigorously. As my feeling of  satisfaction subsides, I thought that I found a new "toy" for my daily habit.

Until a single knock on the door of my room change my life.


  1. Haha the legendary Snow White porn. Sama mo pa yung Tarzan X

    Thank you for dropping by my blog.

  2. Mugen! Tama..legendary din ang 'banana' ni Tarzan dun! Ching!

    just love your thoughts pare.. ;)


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