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Thursday, May 19, 2011


Warning: This will be a long one, so please hang on..

For the longest time, educating our youth about sex is still debatable. On the side of the “Anti” Group, they tell us that by doing so we will only ‘pollute’ our children’s minds and end up f*cking the next person they meet. They fear that their raging hormones will overshadow the values that our ancestors have instilled in us if we will teach them about sex. 

On the other hand, the “Pro” Group say that educating our youth about sex will teach them what to do and preserve the same treasured values of our ancestors.

Let us take for example the subject of masturbation. In an article, of a certain website it says that many experts and studies prove that masturbation is more frequently enjoyed during the teenage years than any other period in our lives. This is mostly due to the strong fluctuation of hormones that always come along with puberty. The act of masturbation can actually alleviate the strain of this growing up build up as a necessary part of one’s development. In short, if knowledge of oneself is the beginning of wisdom, ergo, masturbation makes us wise.(ipagpalitan talaga!)

However, the wisest sages in the world would not necessarily agree with us. Majority of the major religions in the world say that lust or libido, those heart-palpitating and blood-rushing junctions that nature equips us with, is bad. Masturbation is the fulfillment and the prelude to lust in all its many forms, thus it is bad at best and sinful at worst. Clearly, the world is not too kind on masturbation inspite of the many benefits that we can get from it.

If you belong to one of these major religions in the world, say, you are a Catholic or Christian, you will be taught, “masturbation is a seed wasted,” as if you won’t producing more than enough in your lifetime. If you happen to be a Mormon, then you will be taught that your body is a temple, a holy shrine, and that masturbation is a desecration of such sacredness. However, wherever religion you may be, at the end of the line, if you are religious, masturbation is wrong. Moreover, even if you are not that zealous about your religion, the contemporary perspective about our friend masturbation is still grounded on these early ideologies. What’s more, if we are cooped up in an environment where majority of the world’s population still believe in some sort of an organized religion.

However, contrary to these beliefs, teen masturbation is very prevalent in our world today even if they are spent in the cloisters on individual privacy. Our generation is even more exposed to such practice because other that the fact that the observance of moral codes have somewhat collectively loosen, our priorities have also shifted. Before, people got married at such a young age for the lack of better things to do. Today, society does not pressure us to get married until we can somewhat stand in our own feet as we strive to finish school and have a stable job.

With this turn of events, teens must be able to control or at least temper down their sexual desires for an even longer period. And this has become a strong social trend especially since it helps teens in their growing up and in exploring more their identity and sexuality.


1. Masturbation is not evil, dirty or harmful – it will not make you go blind, drive you insane, turn you in to a pervert, stunt your growth, give you an STD, make you sterile or get you Pregnant.

2. Both guys and girls masturbate; it is a normal and healthy part of sexual development.

3. Masturbation is a very personal thing and should not be done in public places or around people who are not willing partners (think safer sex activity).

4. You are normal if you masturbate, normal if you wonder about it but don’t do it, and normal if you never give it a second thought and don’t do it – it is one of the few things in life that is “normal if you do and normal if you don’t”.

5. Masturbation may make sexual intercourse more enjoyable because you will already know what it takes to “please you”.

6. Masturbation alleviates stress and releases endorphins (the pleasure hormones) in to your system, making you more relaxed.

Now back on sex education, my final take on it:


  1. pano ba magmasturbate ang girls? nyahaha. kunwari inosente. toinks. (--,)

  2. hmmm, mastubation alleviates stress and releases endorphins, trulaloo, and its normal to do it or not
    khit sa mga toddlers because at this age ineexplore nila ang kanila body, tamang health teaching lng (epal ko lng hahaha :D)

    and true din na mas maganda memory mo after doing "it"(uo niresearch ko yan hahaha)

    at dahil stress ako at nagrerebyu ako...

    wala lng :) hehe

  3. Pong! go at tawagin si maria! hahaha


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