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Saturday, May 28, 2011


After dinner, I immediately excused myself and went up the second floor straight to our room. I remember I was pacing the room, thinking of the things that might happen when Lolo D comes in that big room.  After changing my clothes and fixing the bed, I closed my eyes and I laid on that bed sweating trying to figure out what I’m going to do and my mind began to race. I couldn't sleep and prayed that it be morning soon so we can go home and things would be different.

I was just dozing off when I heard heavy footsteps coming towards our room, I felt nervous but fake sleep when the door opened and felt the wind shift and a cool breeze began to blow inside the room and then heard Lolo D calling my name on which I did not respond. I then felt that he climbed the bed and lay beside me, but unlike before, I felt different. I felt scared, really scared that my body started to tremble. I tried to stop it but it continued, I guess Lolo D felt it that he covered my body with a blanket and turned his back on me. I felt relieved when I heard Lolo D’s heavy breathing and guessed no doubt that he had fallen asleep ahead of me, which made me at ease and relaxed.

I remember that I thought I was dreaming when I felt a hand touching me. It was Lolo D’s hands. I was definitely not dreaming. At first he was just rubbing my stomach and back, then he slid down and started stroking me. I just laid there not knowing what to do. He was massaging me, but I was way too freaked out and nervous that again my body just froze. He was obviously getting very into it and then started to try to top me. It wasn't until then that I pushed him off, rolled over, and told him to stop, but he continued on touching me and this time I would not budge in to what he was trying to do. He continued and this time he was using his hands to turn me over forcibly, which turned my rage of defiance back to unwilling submission. I felt terribly scared.

Lolo D succeeded on turning me to my front. I closed my eyes even tightly and again hoped that my body will cooperate this time with my brain and not respond to anything that will come next. He lifted the blanket   off me and slowly lifted my shirt up and ran a finger up from my belly button to my chest then drew a circle round one of my nipples, then round the other. He lean over and gently kissed one of my nipples. I was so scared I couldn't move. I just laid there acting like I was asleep and this was one of my dreams, so I just lay there scared to death when he moved up to my face and softly pressed his lips onto mine then kissed back down to my chest and tummy, then right up to the waist band of my shorts.

He forcibly lifted up the elastic and pulled it back, pulling my shorts down to my thighs then stopped. I thought he might have realized that what he was doing to me was not right that he would stop. I half opened my eyes to see what was happening and saw that he was looking at my dick, which was still small and soft, and then he slowly brushed with his fingers the few wisps of pubic hair around its base. He again ran a finger from my belly button to the base of my hid dick then went round it and rolled my balls into his hand. As soon as he did this, my dick started to grow, and get hard. My attempt to block all things that might excite me sexually again failed.

He moved his hand to the base of my dick, and then dragged it slowly upward with his fingers molding themselves around my manhood. I could hear his breathing stayed shallow while he ran his fingers along my dick's length, from my balls to the tip of my dick. Slowly he began to jack me off pausing every so often to run the tip of his finger along the slit at the top. I felt something ooze out of my dick and heard those familiar words: Tell me when you’re about to go. Then he moved his face down to my dick, started licking it, and sucks it, and again slowly pushed his lips down over its head and right to the base then moved up and down slowly at first, then faster. Suddenly I felt my body started to shake and my balls grow tight. In a whimpered whisper, I told him I was coming and shot a few stream of cum into his mouth, this time he did not let go of it but swallowed it all. Honestly, I liked the way it felt but after it was done, I felt violated and guilty.
As my dick began to go soft, Lolo D took my head trying me to bend and reach his dick, telling me to suck it. Again, I resisted and told him that I will not do it, but he still insisted on me doing it with his thick hard dick directly on my face. That was the first time I saw a hard dick besides my own, and the thought of me sucking made me more terrified, then I gathered all my courage and told him that if he will insist on I will shout and tell everybody what he was doing with me. I vividly remember Lolo D’s face turned red and let loose of his hold on my head, turned away from me and laid on his side. Even though I didn't see him I could tell that he was jacking off because the bed was shaking and before he shot his load I heard a couple of light moans, then the shaking stopped. 

After a few minutes I noticed that Lolo D had fallen asleep, I pulled my shorts up my waist, turned my back away from him with the feeling of shame, guilt, and hatred. I wanted to get out of that room and shout out but felt so weak at the same time.

The next morning, when I woke up, Lolo D has already left. I went out of our room, looked over the big window, and saw Lolo D’s nephew going out a bathroom with only a towel on his waist. When he saw me looking at him, he yelled informing me that Lolo D went to town early that morning to take care of some business and if I need something, I should not hesitate to ask them.

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