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Wednesday, May 25, 2011




"Do you know how to kiss? Where are you hiding your stash of porn? I thought you Lola burned them. Is it big already? Tell me, it will be just between the two of us, our little secret."

I could not talk. My body became stiff like a log and I became more embarrass of the questions asked of me while trying to keep my eyes to a neutral place on the floor.

"Let us see if your cock is already healed and got bigger."

I suddenly remember that Lolo D was the one who circumcised me that summer. Everything was happening so fast, I don’t know what to do and say.

"You need to rub it every day so it will go bigger"  he said. His hand reached out and felt my soft cock through the cotton material of my underwear.  I tried not to move and just let his assault continue.  His hand was not rough, just caressing me. I hoped that I would not respond.

I closed my eyes tighter and that's when I felt it.  Something squishy had pressed itself against my lips.  It smelled like stale beer.  Damn it, he was kissing me.  Petrified with fear, I didn't react, even when his tongue darted around my lips.  I remember thinking that something is terribly wrong with what is happening.  Naïve that I was, in my head I was asking myself, is Lolo D gay?

The kissing stopped and he started feeling around my crotch again.  This time, his hand slipped inside my briefs and touched my dick.  The moment he felt my dick it started to get hard.  I tried desperately to think about my dog, school, anything to keep from reacting, but it was to no avail.  I was getting a boner with my gay grandfather feeling me up.

His fingers, probing rudely, worked their way into my briefs and his thumbs hooked the elastic waistband.  Gently, he tugged my briefs down until my cock slipped out.  Almost immediately, he wrapped his hand around my cock.  I figured that it was no big thing that he was going to jack me off.  I've done that to myself, he's not going to do anything gay or nothing.  It felt pretty good.  His hand knew how to make my dick feel just right.

That's when it stopped.  His hand pulled away.  Suddenly, a warm wet sensation engulfed my rod and I wanted to cry out.  It felt incredible. Then I realized what it was.   Lolo D had my dick in his mouth.  The damage was done.  I was letting him suck my dick, but I didn't care anymore.  He was doing what he wanted to with my body and I no longer cared.  Unexpectedly it felt  good too.

With the tip of his tongue, he flickered the head of my cock, and then swallowed it whole it again. The feeling it brought made me feel like I was a candle slowly melting, or like cotton candy flesh dissolving in someone's mouth.

"Tell me if you feel your coming."

As if in cue, I felt my balls drawing up. There were the intense feelings I'd experienced before just before I'd shoot a load.

In a hush tone I told him that I am coming and he quickly slipped my cock out of his mouth and started stroking it furiously. Suddenly I felt the warm sticky substance shooting from the opening of my boyhood, covering the sensitive head of my cock and pubic area. He sucked what was left in me into his hot mouth. I felt the warm sticky substance shooting from the opening of my boyhood, covering the sensitive head of my cock and pubic area. He sucked what was left in me into his hot mouth.

He then stood up, leaned over, kissed my lips, and said: “Did you enjoy it? Don’t worry it will be just between the two of us”, then as if nothing happened, Lolo D quietly left the room.

Wrapped up in confusing pleasure and blissful feelings of this new experience I sat motionless for sometime on my bed, still exposed with  my underwear at my knees, staring at my bedroom floor.


  1. i wonder kung ilan sa "atin" ang nakaexperience nito... do ko alam panu kkwento sa akin :(
    (si-nu-pressed ko na kasi)

    almost same experience, different case/scenario..

    still kapatid, worth sharing
    kung anu man ngyari noon yun ang magpapatibay sa atin :D

  2. d ka nagiisa kapatid,...

    ibahin k lng ng konti ang scenario, na experience ko din yan (sinupressed ko n sa subconscious ko)

    pero moving forward pa din dapat lage :D

  3. Kapatid na Pong! Salamat sa suporta..gaya ng sinabi ko, i decided to tell my story thinking na baka may makabasa with the same experience and help him cope up..(hayst haba)

    Moved on already..:)

  4. nadoble pala post ko haha >_<,..

    good for us, and para sa ibang makakabasa :D


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