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Friday, May 6, 2011

The Truth

In the movie “A Few Good Men”, Lt. Daniel Kaffee, (portrayed by Papa Tom Cruise) in his search for truth barrage Col. Nathan R. Jessep (portrayed by Lolo Jack Nicholson) in which he shouted: You can't handle the truth!

It let me re-assess my objectives when I first thought of writing/making a blog. I made this blog to be a sort of “therapy” to my fucked up mind. If only ordinary citizens of this beautiful country of ours can afford the astronomical fees of the best psychiatrists or psychologists in town, we will never see taong grasas on our streets, and I definitely don’t want be like them. 

 The grasa will never agree with my skin tone! Char!

A wise man once said: If you want to be freed from the bondage of your self-inflicted lies, tell the truth and the truth will set you free.

I ask these questions:

Am I ready to share the truth to whole wide world of blog sphere?

Am I ready to be judge for the words that I’ve said, the actions that I’ve done?

Am I ready for the world to see the nakedness of my being, free from lies, inhibitions and prejudice?

Can I handle the truth?

I dare say bring it on! 

Let the true Demonyitong Promdi stand up!!



Bwahahahaha pala!

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