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Monday, May 9, 2011


I don’t understand why my father reacted that way when he caught me in drag while he is fully aware that his so called “foolishness” in fact runs in the family. How can I prove this? Let us examine the evidences:

Exhibit A: His elder brother, who works as a flower arranger. Gay.

Exhibit B: His nephew, who walks like a beauty contestant. Gay.

Exhibit C: His niece who dresses up like a matinee idol and the last time I heard is living-in with his girlfriend. Gay.

And lastly Exhibit D: A 'relative' who works in the medical division of the army. Gay.

I rest my case.

Because of that incident I never dressed in drag again, except in that one incident in the seminary where, in lack of girls, I was “forced” to play Imelda Marcos, complete with coiffed hair, in a class report about the EDSA Revolution. (Ching!)

I made it a point to walk and talk like a real man would do. In short I became a true blue paminta. But like the saying goes: Habang pinipigil, lalong nanggigil. How much I suppressed my true feelings it still shows in my mannerisms. 

Now that my father had passed on, I am reminded of the ZhaZha Zaturnnah graveyard scene where she emotionally confronted her father’s ghost.


Relate na relate aketch teh! Emote to the max! But unlike the end of the song, I believe that in the end my father will understand  and accept me for what I am. Feeling ko lang mga mare ha, kasi no choice na si Ama. Tarush!Hahahaha!

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