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Thursday, May 5, 2011


It is stupid in the English language and this is exactly what I felt the other day. Remember the incident I shared about me realizing that I am getting old because I forgot my ATM pin number; well I shared the same story to my officemates and told them that I punched FOUR numbers that might be my pin numbers.

Then an officemate interjected a question:

Officemate1: Di ba anim ang pin number?

Officemate2: Oo nga, ang alam ko anim yun, bakit sa’yo apat lang?

Tangengot(AKO): Anim ba yun? Hindi ba apat?

Officemate3: Eh kaya naman pala rejected ang card mo, apat lang pina-punch mo. Ang Tanga!

Officemates1,2 &3: Hahahahahahaha!

Tangengot: Kaya pala (Sabay kamot sa ulo). Sorry, tanga lang..hahahaha(nakikitawa pero hiyang-hiya na akitch!)

Today, I went to the bank (where the picture of Papa Piolo hangs) to pay my bills and once again I saw the dreaded ATM machine. I approached it, inserted my debit card, and then punched the six number I remember using and behold... it proceeded to the next instructions! Success!

It’s not old age after all; it’s plain stupidity. Now which is better?

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