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Thursday, June 30, 2011


My favorite Fabcasters, McVie and Gibbs Cadiz with their other fabulous friends have been talking about "coming out" in their recent podcasts. It is an interesting and enlightening topic that hits me straight to my apdo and balun-balunan..


Being 'semi-out' (if there's such a word ;D), is living a double life. A co-worker, who happens to be a close friend, recently told me that one of my students last year asked her if I was gay, she answered the question with a story of me and his brother sharing the same girlfriend (which was true by the way ;D). The student was left dumb mouthed, but I told my friend that if ever the nosy student asks her again about my gender, she should tell me, so I could answer her myself:

Me:  Neng, tinatanong mo kung bakla nga ba ako? Ang sagot e isang malaking OO at excuse me mas makinis ang balat ko sa balat mo at di hamak na mas maganda ako sa iyo!

Tarush! choz lang..wishful thinking baga..hihihi ;D

But kidding aside, I would like to share this video as my contribution to Pride Month entitled: Reteaching Gender and Sexuality

Taas noong Iwina-wagayway ang Rainbow Flag!

Rampa na mga 'teh!!

'TAY (2)

Just couldn't pass the opportunity to post this message I got yesterday in Facebook from a former student that graduated from High School last school year.

 sir thank you po..kc lgi po kaung andyan sa aming lahat para gabayan at patnubayan sa mga dapat nming binubuksan ninyo ang aming kaisipan para malaman nmin ang tama at mli.dhil dito, unti unti nmin nlalaman ang tamang landas na dapat nming thakin. sir salamat din po sa pagturing sa akin n blang tunay n anak. sir khit wala n po kmi sa skul ay ituturing ko prin kaung aking ama. mraming salamat po sir. humihingi din po ako sa pasensya sa aming k pilyuhan at sa aming pagkukulang sa org. sir msaya ako kc nging part kau ng buhay ko.noong una natatakot po tlaga ako sa inyo.pero ngaun. ndi n po bang saya ninyo pong kasama.sir maraming salamat po ksi lagi kaung andyan para pasayahin sa oras ng kalungkutan, andyan kau para pangitiin kami.

O devah! San ka pa?!

Katulad ng sinabi ko sa nauna kong post: Who could ask for more! 

I am not pure evil..slight lang..(kaya nga DEMONYITO..hehehe) 

Simple messages like these are things that make you forget that you are overworked and underpaid. Kung baga sa advertisement nung kape, may dahilan ang pagbangon mo tuwing umaga. Hindi naman lahat ang dahilan ay pera o materyal na bagay. Mas madadala ko pa sa hukay ang mga mensaheng yun, kesa sa limpak limpak na salapi (pero di rin naman masamang masamahan ng konting ganun..hihihihi ;D)

Now I can fully appreciate the meaning of how they describe teaching: "Teaching is the Noble Profession". Hindi man ako magkaron ng sariling anak, marami namang tatawag sa akin ng 'TAY. ;D

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Had my eyes checked in school the other day and the doctor told me that I need to change the lenses of my glasses because my left eye have been corrected and indeed it can see clearly now.

Though I was ordered by my eye doctor before that I need to wear my eyeglasses regularly, stubborn that I am, I only wear it whenever I use the computer. So having new lenses is sort of good news, because I can go on doing my favorite past-time which is....

But my eye doctor tells me otherwise!

choz! ;D

Monday, June 27, 2011


Wrath (anger, hatred) 

Inappropriate (unrighteous) feelings of hatred and anger. Denial of the truth to others or self. Impatience or revenge outside of justice. Wishing to do evil or harm to others. Self-righteousness. Wrath is the root of murder and assault. Dante described wrath as "love of justice perverted to revenge and spite".

Everybody I know thinks that I am fearless.. some of my co-workers even became afraid of me because of my temper. There was an incident a few years back when something went wrong with my SSS contributions that rejected my loan. I was already expecting that money and when it happened, my top blew off and silently I got hold of a cartolina and continuously pounded it on my table until it was smashed into tiny pieces. When I regained composure I realized I was doing it inside our Faculty Room with my co-teachers looking at me really shocked.

Some of my students even see me as a terror teacher. When I was still new in the job, whenever a student makes mistakes I will hit on his head or stomach. My principal even hid me from an angry German father who wants to confront me because I asked his son to kneel in front of the class because he did not attend the Sunday Mass.  The student was not even Catholic. After that school year, the student was transferred out of our school.

I remember a message I got from a good looking young man in Facebook a year ago. 

Young Man: Kilala kita! (I know you!) at di ko malilimutan ang mukhang yan! (and will never forget my face) 

Me: (shocked) how do you know me and why?

Young man: You were the teacher who hit me on my head using as textbook!

Me: What?! I never did that!

Young Man: I will never forget that day, I was in Grade 4..

suddenly it dawn to me..I did do another school were I was assigned to teach in Elementary.

Me: Oh...I remember now..I am very sorry, I don't have any words to say to justify my wrongdoings.

Young Man: Sir, I have long forgiven you..don't think about it.. I was just messing with your head. 

Me: Thank heavens, nothing happened to you that traumatized your childhood.

Young Man: No Sir, nothing that serious happened. I just never forgot you and that incident.

The last time I saw this young man was in website of a known photographer that specializes in sexy poses of sexy men. I think Felix is his name.


But truth is I am a coward, I don't like confrontations. The last time a father of a student, who I thought, understands my work in the school who we both graduated from, wanted to confront me because he thought I was picking on his son. Though the confrontation never happened,the father continued on harassing me, even calling me names and cursing me. I became depressed, because in my mind I was just doing my job. I thought of quitting and my smile faded. I became more ill-tempered and unkind, until my present Boss talked to me which leads to the creation of this blog.

With the new school year, I am also sort of in a new beginning. 

I am smiling more often now.

P.S. And I will not go far as this..

and the winner is via the putikan is.....pak! ;D

Saturday, June 25, 2011


The most profound statements are often said in silence.

Teh, kahit wala akong naririnig...pak na pak na!

Wala ka ng hahanapin pa...hihihi.....choz!

Thursday, June 23, 2011


It's raining again and whenever it happens there are two things that pops up in my mind:

First, I am hoping that it continues raining until DepEd announces that classes will be suspended. Kala ng mga styudents sila lang natutuwa kapag bumabagyo. HINDI UY! mga titser din! bwahahahaha!

Second, This Eraseheads hit song..

lalo na't siya ang may hawak ng payong...

sukob na! at kung gusto nyong makita ang hawak ni boylet...then jump!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


We just celebrated Father's Day the other and everybody remembered to greet their own fathers.

But if you are a parent, will you do the same to your son?

His brother and sister tried to helped him, but they can only watch and cry with him..

How far will you go to make your son's or brother's life "normal"...

or you really don't know him..being gay is not is a person, a human being...

Monday, June 20, 2011


For the longest time.....YOU are the only friends I knew since I went out of the seminary and started my life like the rest of mankind.

For the longest time.... I thought YOU know who or what the real "me", because I never hid it from YOU.

For the longest time.... YOU were my drinking buddies and shared the same glass in every 'tagayan' sessions we have.

For the longest time... We shared laughters, tears, stories, life stories, fears, joys, gossips, opinions, and what-nots because our relationship is not only built on friendship but of blood and faith.

For the longest time... I thought YOU have accepted homosexuals openly because you are not part of the society that condemns and ridicule people like us.

Until that night when we gathered once again to bid a good friend goodbye on his way back to work abroad.

For the first time...I heard homophobic jokes from YOU.

For the first time... I felt like a sinner in front of a condemning mob.

For the first time...I realized that you don't even know the meaning of 'homophobic' because when I told one of you that I never thought that you are one, you answered back: Sino yun?(Who's that?)

For the first time...I realized how dumb I am not to see that your gay jokes were really offensive and hurtful.

For the first time...I felt that I was not with the family I knew and loved.

For the first time...I realized the wisdom behind our group's break up and went on separate ways.

For the first time...It became clear to me who my real friends are and who are not.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


I was checking my Facebook account today and read a post on my wall, it was from a former student:

Tay!! salamat sa guidance! salamat sa PUSH! salamat sa pagmamahal! kung wala kayo walang mabubuong AKO! pano mo nga naman mamana ang isang bagay kung hinde mo ito kinalakihan! PAKIKISAMA! simply TATAY PRIME!! :D Happy Fathers Day!! :D we love you Keep Healthy Tay! 

It simply made my day and once again reminded me of the 'perks' of being a titser ;D

'Tay P and his 'children"



I don't know what it is, but I can feel it in my guts, something is wrong or something bad is waiting to happen. I hate whenever I feel this way, call me crazy or plain paranoid, but it scares the hell out of me.

In addition to that, I have noticed something different with the traffic statistics of my blog's viewers/readers these past week, usually they come through the great blogs of Boss Idol Soltero and Madame Mel Beckham in droves, but lately the traffic changed completely and I don't know the reasons.

Should I be concern?

Should I be paranoid?

or I have to calm myself down and ignore everything I feel and notice.


Friday, June 17, 2011


"A man's face is his autobiography."
Oscar Wilde (1854 - 1900)

this is a take off from a beautiful blog I saw while blogwalking...Filipino style..hihihi ;D (wala lang maisip, busy-busyhan na kasi akitch sa first week of classes)

Thursday, June 16, 2011


That was what I read today.

It was about an International Conference against child abuse, which will be hosted by our country at the end of the year and to be held at SMX Convention Center of MOA. Organized by the Child Protection Network Foundation (CPN), the annual conference will have the theme: "Creating Safe and Caring Environments for Children".

Read all about it:

MANILA, Philippines - Hundreds of delegates from the Philippines and around the world are expected to attend the annual Ako Para Sa Bata (I Am For The Child) Manila Conference to be held at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia Complex, Manila from December 5 - 7, 2011.

Organized by the Child Protection Network Foundation (CPN), the three-day conference with the theme "Creating Safe and Caring Environments for Children" is set to discuss key issues and feasible measures to effectively combat child neglect.

"Child neglect is one of the most prevalent forms of child abuse. We forget abuse is not limited to the physical aspect, there are also many environmental factors that threaten the emotional wellness of children," said Dr. Bernadette J. Madrid, MD, Executive Director of CPN.

Last year's conference proved to be a success as it was attended by more than 650 participants, including representatives from government and non-government organizations (NGOs), domestic and international law enforcement agencies, medical professionals, academia, as well as parents, social workers, youth and children organizations and the media.

"We will be presenting a comprehensive review of the latest research, on-the-ground experience and different perspectives in tackling child neglect. By bringing together the diverse groups we hope to come up with recommendations that are inclusive, practical and doable in the Philippine setting," said Dr. Stella G. Manalo,Organizing Committee Conference Chair.

The two day symposia will tackle a wide range of topics including: media, sex and violence; proper media diet for children; family values in children; preventing child neglect and child endangerment; safe havens for children in times of disaster / in areas of conflict; caring homes; changing Filipino perspectives in adoption issues; non-violence in the school; and safety in the field, in court or at home.
Post Conference Workshops will be also conducted by the Philippine Society for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Philippine Society for Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, Society of Adolescent Medicine of the Philippines, Inc., PsychConsult Inc., and CPN itself.

"The nation cannot afford not to prevent the abuse of its children. Through proper support, training and resources, we can ensure every child gets the bright, safe and healthy future they deserve", concluded Dr. Madrid.

The Child Protection Network Foundation is committed to ensuring that all children in the Philippines and throughout Asia are protected from abuse and neglect. Its mission is to enable child protection specialists and child protection unites (CPUs) achieve excellence in serving abused children and children-at-risk. The foundation shall serve every abused child with compassion and competence ensuring that all abused children and children at risk are safe, healthy, and developing to the best of their potential within a nurturing family environment.

*If you are a victim of child abuse and would like to seek professional help, you can contact the organization through their website:

It is not too late to tell your story and seek for help. 

You are not alone.

But I noticed something while browsing through their published researches, (not that I am being too petty or what) they all focused on young girls or children in general and little are said or mentioned or studies that focused about the ordeals of abused  young boys, physical or sexual. Just asking. ;D

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


While attending the Pondo ng Pinoy celebration, the boss of my boss commented in front of the other CL teachers:

Big Boss: Uy Prime, buti pinayagan kang lumabas..

Me: (naive that I was, asked) Pinalabas po saan sir?

Big Boss: Sa Biggest Loser!

Everybody: (in chorus) HAHAHAHAHA!

I heard it again, those dreaded words that I don't want to hear, with laughter on the side pa

Well I laughed with them, even if the joke was at my expense and that is after shedding a few pounds already (actually a lot of people are noticing it, finally).

After the affair and before heading home, we passed by MOA to have our dinner. I was not hungry so I went somewhere else. I went straight at the NIKE store and bought my first running shoes. My best friend and I have talked about this and I think it's just the right timing.

the Nike LunarGlide+

I know not sure my fashion guru, Madame Mel Beckham, would agree with it's color but that's the only thing they have in my size. It's quite pricey if you ask me, for a person living by a teacher's salary, but what the heck, if this will stop all those Biggest Loser comments, I'll do or pay anything at this point.

But I'll be doing this not because of the pesky hecklers, but for me, myself, and I.

Besides, the salesman who attended to my needs was cute, and looks like him

yes, really like him and repeatedly asked me

Cute Sales Man: Sir san nyo nalaman itong brand na 'to?

Me: (kolehiyala efek) sha internet..

Cute Sales Man: Ok na brand yan sir..

Me: Oo nga daw ih..

While slipping the shoes on my feet ala Cinderella

Cute Sales Man: Sir san nyo po nalaman itong brand na 'to?

Me: Kuya, unli ka? paulit-ulit..(kolehiyala efek uli) sha internet nga ih..

then I paid the amount at the cashier and went out the store. I really want to take a picture of him, (para hindi nyo isipin na nagiilusyon lang akitch) but my being a probinsyana/conservative persona got a hold of me.

haaayyysssttt..Descreet kasi. Paminta kasi. Putek. Sinungaleng na Palaka!

But Papa Boylet Cute sales man inspired me more to lose the fat, and be the Biggest Loser that the pesky hecklers want me to be, and when I'm buff enough, I'll go back to that store not to buy a new fair of running shoes, 

but to steal Cute Sales Man's heart...

Choz! ;D

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I was in Manila last June 9, to attend the 7th Anniversary of Pondo ng Pinoy together with fellow CL teachers all over our province. Pondo ng Pinoy is a noble project introduced by Cardinal Gaudencio Rosales who have helped  many Filipinos in having a house of their own, food for the malnaurished children, education for poor children and work for fathers and mothers to help them have a decent life for their families. All of this coming from the lowly 25 cents.  

Of course, the Catholic Hierarchy was there, from the bishops to the priests to the lay people, who believe that by the concerted efforts of all Filipinos to love and give even in small acts but with regularity and is rooted in the Love of God and Neighbor, the community will be empowered.

In his homily Cardinal Rosales said that Pondo ng Pinoy avails us of virtues which with frequent exercise assures the continuity of its health and availability.


Virtue, he continued, is the result of repeated action that has ended up as a good habit. The littlest good thing (like twenty-five cents) will be easy to repeat, and more encouragingly prescribed, as it will be done with love.

Anumang magaling, kahit na maliit, basta't malimi't ay patungong langit.

langit.....KUHA MO?! (Madame Ana Manalastas, ikaw ba yan?)

plus not to be missed are those cute seminarians walking around (maisingit lang talaga ang kalandian) hihihi ;D

Monday, June 13, 2011


lubuslubusin na natin mga teh..  just a hangover from independence day..

Does SIZE really matter?




want to see the whole picture?..then pindut na here and here! hihihihihi..choz!

Sunday, June 12, 2011


patudsada: This blog have no intention to malign the celebration of our country's Independence Day today..lighten up!

Have you been asked about your underwear preference?

In where do you feel FREE? As in like a bird freed from a cage:




hmmmmm...can I choose ALL OF THE ABOVE?choz..hihihihi ;D

happy Independence Day Philippines!Mabuhey!

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Di ko na kinakaya ang mga balita tungkol sa parami ng parami na aksidente ng motorsiklo na kung di nauuwi sa ospital e sa seminteryo ang diretso ng mga driverlalu nito..

just like this news write up from abs-cbn:

MANILA, Philippines - The Philippine National Police (PNP) on Thursday expressed alarm over the rising number of road accidents involving motorcycles around the country.

Superintendent Edwin Butacan, spokesman of the PNP's Highway Patrol Group (HPG), said a total of 209 cases of accidents involving motorcycles have been recorded in January this year, a significant increase compared to last year's record of 106 cases.

Butacan said majority of the accidents were record in provinces, where reckless driving is normally not closely monitored.

He said that there is a highway in Malolos town in Bulacan provinces that has earned the name "killer highway" because of an average of one death in a motorcycle accident per day.

With the booming motorcycle sale in the country,  an average of 7,000 motorcycle units a week as recorded by HPG, Butacan said that they are planning to conduct safe driving seminars for all motorcycle drivers.

ay di ko talaga kinakaya, at bakit sila naaksidente?

 kasi LASHING! tsk..tsk..tsk..

ditech nga sa probins namin kulang na lang ipamigay ang mga motorsiklo para lamang mabili...

ngunit, pero, datapuwa't, bagama't kung sakaling ganitech naman ang mga drivers teh..

aba'y SAKAY na! may protective helmet naman sa ulo taas at sa baba!hihihihi ;D



Because I am enjoying my new found world of blogging and getting the hang of it so I decided to change my banner to add some touch of 'beauty' and 'sexiness'on it but exudes devilish naughtiness.


I found this beautiful picture at men of the world while browsing at some 'sexy' blog sites. The site did not mention the name of the sexy model just the artist, Dex, or is it the same? Anyways its title is Dark Angel 1, very interesting indeed, not to mention its sexiness, specially the D tattoo on the model's arm.


Well I hope you'll like it.

Opening of school is just two days away and all systems go....I think! hihihi ;D

Friday, June 10, 2011


What will you do if you see a beautiful man on the edge of a bridge about to jump?

will you just look at him?

or try to stop him?

me? I'll just call out a name so powerful that the fishes in this body of water will heel..

And that will be DOÑA CHUNI'S name...

kasi, SIRENA na sya..ayun o..pumapalo ang buntot na may kaliskis na kulay Gowld kasi nakaramdam ng boylet na walang pakundangan...hihihi..;D

peace and love Doña Chuni! :)
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