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Thursday, June 30, 2011


My favorite Fabcasters, McVie and Gibbs Cadiz with their other fabulous friends have been talking about "coming out" in their recent podcasts. It is an interesting and enlightening topic that hits me straight to my apdo and balun-balunan..


Being 'semi-out' (if there's such a word ;D), is living a double life. A co-worker, who happens to be a close friend, recently told me that one of my students last year asked her if I was gay, she answered the question with a story of me and his brother sharing the same girlfriend (which was true by the way ;D). The student was left dumb mouthed, but I told my friend that if ever the nosy student asks her again about my gender, she should tell me, so I could answer her myself:

Me:  Neng, tinatanong mo kung bakla nga ba ako? Ang sagot e isang malaking OO at excuse me mas makinis ang balat ko sa balat mo at di hamak na mas maganda ako sa iyo!

Tarush! choz lang..wishful thinking baga..hihihi ;D

But kidding aside, I would like to share this video as my contribution to Pride Month entitled: Reteaching Gender and Sexuality

Taas noong Iwina-wagayway ang Rainbow Flag!

Rampa na mga 'teh!!


  1. I love it!!! speechless ako sa video!!! Proud to be Dyosa!!!

  2. Wilberchie! pak talaga!

    musta na? tapos na ba mga emote moments? kaya yan ;D


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