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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


While attending the Pondo ng Pinoy celebration, the boss of my boss commented in front of the other CL teachers:

Big Boss: Uy Prime, buti pinayagan kang lumabas..

Me: (naive that I was, asked) Pinalabas po saan sir?

Big Boss: Sa Biggest Loser!

Everybody: (in chorus) HAHAHAHAHA!

I heard it again, those dreaded words that I don't want to hear, with laughter on the side pa

Well I laughed with them, even if the joke was at my expense and that is after shedding a few pounds already (actually a lot of people are noticing it, finally).

After the affair and before heading home, we passed by MOA to have our dinner. I was not hungry so I went somewhere else. I went straight at the NIKE store and bought my first running shoes. My best friend and I have talked about this and I think it's just the right timing.

the Nike LunarGlide+

I know not sure my fashion guru, Madame Mel Beckham, would agree with it's color but that's the only thing they have in my size. It's quite pricey if you ask me, for a person living by a teacher's salary, but what the heck, if this will stop all those Biggest Loser comments, I'll do or pay anything at this point.

But I'll be doing this not because of the pesky hecklers, but for me, myself, and I.

Besides, the salesman who attended to my needs was cute, and looks like him

yes, really like him and repeatedly asked me

Cute Sales Man: Sir san nyo nalaman itong brand na 'to?

Me: (kolehiyala efek) sha internet..

Cute Sales Man: Ok na brand yan sir..

Me: Oo nga daw ih..

While slipping the shoes on my feet ala Cinderella

Cute Sales Man: Sir san nyo po nalaman itong brand na 'to?

Me: Kuya, unli ka? paulit-ulit..(kolehiyala efek uli) sha internet nga ih..

then I paid the amount at the cashier and went out the store. I really want to take a picture of him, (para hindi nyo isipin na nagiilusyon lang akitch) but my being a probinsyana/conservative persona got a hold of me.

haaayyysssttt..Descreet kasi. Paminta kasi. Putek. Sinungaleng na Palaka!

But Papa Boylet Cute sales man inspired me more to lose the fat, and be the Biggest Loser that the pesky hecklers want me to be, and when I'm buff enough, I'll go back to that store not to buy a new fair of running shoes, 

but to steal Cute Sales Man's heart...

Choz! ;D


  1. ayos na sana ung porma ng lunarglide+ pero na-distract pa rin ako sa pic ng look-alike ni sales guy mo. makapunta nga sa MOA this weekend. lol.

    good luck with your health program. :)

  2. ^travis! ako nga mismo na-distract kay papa salesman, hindi ko nga masukat ng tama..hihihi ;D

    Thanks my friend! I need all the luck in the universe..hehehe..

  3. go fer it. replace your carbs with men - especially at night!

  4. Kiks!hahahaha! nakakapayat po ba yun? choz! ;D

  5. shayang naman shi cute shalesman!!! hihi!!

  6. Wilberchie! naniniwala akong di pa huli ang lahat! hihihi ;D


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