Sige na pindot na!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


We just celebrated Father's Day the other and everybody remembered to greet their own fathers.

But if you are a parent, will you do the same to your son?

His brother and sister tried to helped him, but they can only watch and cry with him..

How far will you go to make your son's or brother's life "normal"...

or you really don't know him..being gay is not is a person, a human being...


  1. ngumawngaw ako... Stop the Hate!! Proud to be Homosexual!!

  2. Wilberchie! Tamaaah! June is Pride Month. pak na pak!

  3. Thanks for sharing!

    This is so sad. And things like this should be exposed. Kudos to Anderson Cooper.

  4. Doña Chuni! Welcome Rotonda!

    At sa states pa yan ha..

    dito nga sa atin inaakala lagi ng ibang tao na ang mga Vahla basta nakakatawa wala ng pakiramdam..


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