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Monday, June 20, 2011


For the longest time.....YOU are the only friends I knew since I went out of the seminary and started my life like the rest of mankind.

For the longest time.... I thought YOU know who or what the real "me", because I never hid it from YOU.

For the longest time.... YOU were my drinking buddies and shared the same glass in every 'tagayan' sessions we have.

For the longest time... We shared laughters, tears, stories, life stories, fears, joys, gossips, opinions, and what-nots because our relationship is not only built on friendship but of blood and faith.

For the longest time... I thought YOU have accepted homosexuals openly because you are not part of the society that condemns and ridicule people like us.

Until that night when we gathered once again to bid a good friend goodbye on his way back to work abroad.

For the first time...I heard homophobic jokes from YOU.

For the first time... I felt like a sinner in front of a condemning mob.

For the first time...I realized that you don't even know the meaning of 'homophobic' because when I told one of you that I never thought that you are one, you answered back: Sino yun?(Who's that?)

For the first time...I realized how dumb I am not to see that your gay jokes were really offensive and hurtful.

For the first time...I felt that I was not with the family I knew and loved.

For the first time...I realized the wisdom behind our group's break up and went on separate ways.

For the first time...It became clear to me who my real friends are and who are not.


  1. awww... ang sad.... T_T lose a boyfriend ok lang eh... pero lose a close friend that's another thing...

  2. Wilberchie! Tamah..I just need to be more cautious with them..they're still my friends.. :)

  3. Lalaking Palaban! Welcome! yun nga lang ang problema..siguro I'll be more vocal na lang of what I feel..ayt..

    BTW, I like your screen name ;D

  4. Haiisst... ganyan talaga.

    But life goes on, with or without them.



  5. Doña Chuni! salamat sa iyong mainit at mahigpit na *hugs*

    it helps.. :)

  6. inom na lang naten nyan kuya... hehehe

    (uhaw na ko.. bawal kc, mababawasan neuron.. need ko pa kasi heheh :D)

    peoples change..

    the miracle of friendship is to find one who will stand by you, when millions are against you..
    9galing lng sa text hahaha :D)

  7. Pong! naku..wag mo kong hahamunin at mapapalaban ka..hihihi..

    sige pwamis ko..makapasa ka lang sagot ko isang case..basta dito sa prabins namin ang tagayan..;) txt I've said..their still my friends..


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