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Monday, June 27, 2011


Wrath (anger, hatred) 

Inappropriate (unrighteous) feelings of hatred and anger. Denial of the truth to others or self. Impatience or revenge outside of justice. Wishing to do evil or harm to others. Self-righteousness. Wrath is the root of murder and assault. Dante described wrath as "love of justice perverted to revenge and spite".

Everybody I know thinks that I am fearless.. some of my co-workers even became afraid of me because of my temper. There was an incident a few years back when something went wrong with my SSS contributions that rejected my loan. I was already expecting that money and when it happened, my top blew off and silently I got hold of a cartolina and continuously pounded it on my table until it was smashed into tiny pieces. When I regained composure I realized I was doing it inside our Faculty Room with my co-teachers looking at me really shocked.

Some of my students even see me as a terror teacher. When I was still new in the job, whenever a student makes mistakes I will hit on his head or stomach. My principal even hid me from an angry German father who wants to confront me because I asked his son to kneel in front of the class because he did not attend the Sunday Mass.  The student was not even Catholic. After that school year, the student was transferred out of our school.

I remember a message I got from a good looking young man in Facebook a year ago. 

Young Man: Kilala kita! (I know you!) at di ko malilimutan ang mukhang yan! (and will never forget my face) 

Me: (shocked) how do you know me and why?

Young man: You were the teacher who hit me on my head using as textbook!

Me: What?! I never did that!

Young Man: I will never forget that day, I was in Grade 4..

suddenly it dawn to me..I did do another school were I was assigned to teach in Elementary.

Me: Oh...I remember now..I am very sorry, I don't have any words to say to justify my wrongdoings.

Young Man: Sir, I have long forgiven you..don't think about it.. I was just messing with your head. 

Me: Thank heavens, nothing happened to you that traumatized your childhood.

Young Man: No Sir, nothing that serious happened. I just never forgot you and that incident.

The last time I saw this young man was in website of a known photographer that specializes in sexy poses of sexy men. I think Felix is his name.


But truth is I am a coward, I don't like confrontations. The last time a father of a student, who I thought, understands my work in the school who we both graduated from, wanted to confront me because he thought I was picking on his son. Though the confrontation never happened,the father continued on harassing me, even calling me names and cursing me. I became depressed, because in my mind I was just doing my job. I thought of quitting and my smile faded. I became more ill-tempered and unkind, until my present Boss talked to me which leads to the creation of this blog.

With the new school year, I am also sort of in a new beginning. 

I am smiling more often now.

P.S. And I will not go far as this..

and the winner is via the putikan is.....pak! ;D


  1. Natawa ako sa video. Parang true na ewan. hahaha

    Anyway, we share the same experience about temperance. I am nonchalant to every person I meet down the straight. However, if somebody shakes my tree, I would not have second thoughts in returning the favor.

  2. Erick! True yun kapatid..devah! mud wrestling ang trip ng mga ateh!

    pak! ako pag di talaga tinantanan..di lang shake ang gagawin ko..gagawin ko silang uling!

    choz! ;D

  3. Shet, it should have been street, not straight. Kaloka! hahaha

    Yan kasi ang epekto ng pag-twit ko ng "Gay is the new straight." hahaha


    Erick Garcia

  4. Erick! kaya naman pala..pinag-isip mo ko dun ah..

    like ko yun ha.."Gay is the new straight." pak!;D

  5. napaluhod na rin ako ng teacher ko nung grade 3 with matching books on both hands and on my head dahil sa hindi pag-rosary.. Memorable experience talaga yun..

  6. Zip! behalf of your teacher..SORRY..I know children should know that they have done wrong, but not through physical punishments, but by talking with them..

    I've learned that the hard way.. :)


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