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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I was in Manila last June 9, to attend the 7th Anniversary of Pondo ng Pinoy together with fellow CL teachers all over our province. Pondo ng Pinoy is a noble project introduced by Cardinal Gaudencio Rosales who have helped  many Filipinos in having a house of their own, food for the malnaurished children, education for poor children and work for fathers and mothers to help them have a decent life for their families. All of this coming from the lowly 25 cents.  

Of course, the Catholic Hierarchy was there, from the bishops to the priests to the lay people, who believe that by the concerted efforts of all Filipinos to love and give even in small acts but with regularity and is rooted in the Love of God and Neighbor, the community will be empowered.

In his homily Cardinal Rosales said that Pondo ng Pinoy avails us of virtues which with frequent exercise assures the continuity of its health and availability.


Virtue, he continued, is the result of repeated action that has ended up as a good habit. The littlest good thing (like twenty-five cents) will be easy to repeat, and more encouragingly prescribed, as it will be done with love.

Anumang magaling, kahit na maliit, basta't malimi't ay patungong langit.

langit.....KUHA MO?! (Madame Ana Manalastas, ikaw ba yan?)

plus not to be missed are those cute seminarians walking around (maisingit lang talaga ang kalandian) hihihi ;D


  1. I was there... I was waiting for "him"... have a blogpost about it.

  2. Wilberchie! kaya naman feeling ko may nagmamanman sa paligid..choz!

  3. DesHoBoy! Paminsan-minsan lang kuya...choz! ;D


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