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Thursday, June 9, 2011


bait-baitan muna ulit akitch mga teh hane..hihihihi ;D

In preparation for the start of our classes ( yes po, di kami kasabay ng june 13 pa kami magsisimula) and before we have our first faculty meeting, a priest was invited to speak to the faculty. I've heard many spiritual talks before and I thought it will be like that..borrrriiinnng..

But, it was totally different. He compared the importance of a teacher with a towel,

he said that like a towel, a teacher should have the following qualities:

  • it must be wide that can hug the whole body and not like a bimpo that can only wipe a small space
  • it must be absorbent
  • it must be reusable
  • and must be for cleansing, in other words, for healing

pak! may nangbato na naman..tinamaan akitch! choz!

and the we proceeded to an activity wherein we have to wash each others feet which symbolizes our commitment to serve each other not only because we have to as dictated by laws or commands, but because we are FAMILY..working together for the good of our students...

another ten months...this really is it...

napapadalas yata  pagiging mabait ko ah..hmmmmm...


  1. What an interesting story about towels! You made me ponder a while and I guess it covers a wide message for the human beings.

  2. Twilight! Welcome! Mabuhey!

    Yes it does, and in hope that we can be a towel to all.. :)


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