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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Shut Up!

Bishop Oscar Cruz
“You are getting me in trouble,” the good Retired Archbishop of Lingayen, Bishop Oscar Cruz, told Karen Davila before he answered her question “Should PNoy get married?” as if prophesying the effects of whatever his answer will be. After that interview at “Headstart”, the opinion of Bishop Cruz received different reactions, mostly negative. In fairness with the Bishop, he was just answering a question, on which before giving his categorical answer, sighted surveys/statistics that he has gathered being in charge with the Catholic Church’s Marriage court of appeals. But the bishop should have avoided the controversy if he just shut up and kept to himself his opinions. It will not help the church boost their anti RH Bill. Whatever intentions the bishop has, it will still look as if “Namemersonal” na sila.

The Catholic Church should stick to their present policy that they will only talk about RH Bill on a legitimate table of discussions and ask their bishops and priests to shut up and don’t use the pulpit in condemning those who are not on their side, just like what a priest did in Baguio Cathedral, wherein he lambasted Risa Hontiveros and those who supports her cause in his homily.

Just Shut Up!
The Catholic Church should also look unto their own priests who impregnates women or molests helpless altar boys, because these also are mortal sins just like abortion. I am Catholic, but have never heard any thorough explanation from the Church of what and why they oppose RH Bill. So please if you know that your statements will just divide us more than unite us as a Christian country, please SHUT UP!

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