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Thursday, April 28, 2011


It is said that “bago ka pumuna ng muta ng iba, tumingin ka muna sa salamin kasi baka mas marami pa ang muta mo sa mata”. I criticized hunk Actor Alfred Vargas for having man-boobs, when actually I don’t have the credibility to do so, so I apologize. I myself have a combination of man-boobs that will shame some sexy starlets and beer belly/love handles that makes me look like I’m pregnant (di bale na kung may matres talaga akich! Chos!). 
Kuya Ike
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am fat, not chubby but obese. And to give you a picture of how I look...remember Kuya Ike Lozada? Well not exactly like him but I’m slowly going there. I don’t exactly know how much I weigh because I threw the weighing scale in my home. Char!
But I have not been always fat, (uy defensive pa!) I was even enrolled in a gym and work out three times a week. It is just that I came to a point that I don’t care how I look as long as I am happy plus I love to eat. Whenever somebody comes up to me and say, “My God, what happened to you? You’re so big!” I’ll just give them a big smile and answer: “Para hindi halatang naghihirap!” and we end up laughing about it and move on. 
Now, do I want to lose weight? But of course honey! Not because somebody told me to, but because I want to and for health reasons as well. I’m nearing the age that my body will slow down and feel the “aches” of aging unless I do nothing about it. Chaka kaya ang ma stroke teh! And I don’t want to be a burden to my family if ever that time comes. So can anybody suggest a good diet plan? I’m all ears mga mare!

I more look like him, di nga lang sobrang puti, hehehe



  1. may konting prob din ako sa weight ko...babawasan ko na ang rice hehehe.

  2. Same here buendiaboy! yan mismo ang problema ko..lintik na KANIN yan!


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