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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Prince Charming

The whole world is eager with anticipation for the Royal Wedding in England this coming Friday (April 29) between Prince William and Miss Kate Middleton (super lucky girl!). We all know that the charming prince is the son of the people's Princess Diana, and  I think he got that good looks from his mother (thank God!)It's sad that Princess Diana will not be with her sweet boy for the grand day of beauty and love.
The new Royal Couple
It's also sad that the prince is losing his hair at an early age (not that I not losing hair), that he got from his dad.
The prince loosing his crown of glory

Could not end this blog without being naughty but do you still remember that picture that caught our prince charming peeing? Another 'thing' that makes Miss Kate such a lucky bitch!

The prince holding the royal scepter ;)

Want to see the whole picture, then jump here mare!

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