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Saturday, April 23, 2011


In observance of the Holy Week I opted to stay home and contemplate in the life that the good God gave me, plus having the house to myself made me really feel the season with peace and quiet. 

When I was checking out the blogs that I follow, Mcvie posted an interesting site in his blog about the “Becky Nights Podcast.” I already heard news about this podcast and I decided to check it out, and was amazed of their humor and wit.  Becky Nights is hosted by three fabulous gay men which are celebrities in their own rights: Jake Galvez, Matt Gozun and Buern Rodriguez. Their topics are generally about gay life in the Philippines, hell they even invited a real life call boy to be interviewed (and tested!) and to spice things up, sometimes drops some dose of gossip (can you stop the bleeping sisters! bwahaha)

Listening to these beautiful gay men, make me realize that, indeed our country loves the third sex (even if some sectors hate to admit it) and given their age they make the best out of it  to be super horny but also be cautious of what their actions may bring in the future. Some of their words or actions may be explicit to others but they only speak of truth. I like the sweet motherly disposition of Jake, who is in a six year relationship btw, the humor and wit of Buern and the “in your face” attitude of Matt, their happy look in life makes this world even gayer! 

And there is Mo Twister in ‘GoodTimes with Mo: The Podcast’. Mo gives advises to his listeners like a professional doctor, he even has a real doctor to answer clinical questions, which is pure genius. I admit the vulgarity of the show is not for the weak of hearts but Mo’s stand on education and cheating is commendable. It also helps that Mo invites celebrities that makes the show even more interesting because of their opinions.

These podcasts are a treat if you want to have some fun amidst the summer sun, so go and start downloading mga kumares!


  1. hi new in your site :)

    hope u'l follow me too thanks!

  2. Welcome PluripotentNurse! Sure I will..

    Hope you'll like what you see and read..


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