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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lola’s Boy(?)

I had a delightful childhood as I recall, thanks to the people who took care of me. You see I did not grow up with my biological parents. Even though I was their first child, when I was three months old, my young parents entrusted me to my father’s uncle and aunt. This couple was not blessed with their own children, so they took upon themselves to take care of the children of their relatives. I call them Lolo E and Lola B. 

Because they loved me so much, spoiled daw ako sabi ng mga kamag-anak ko. I grew up feeling that I was the bunso Besides  my Lolo and Lola, my aunts (cousins of my father)also took care of me. Kaya ayun lumaki daw akong malamya. Si Lola B ang may alam ng tunay kong pagkatao. Tanda ko pa nung minsan kasama nya ako, mga 4-7 years old ako noon, sabi ng kaibigan nya parang “lumalaki daw akong malambot”, sagot ng Lola ko, “hayaan mo na at least wala akong magiging problema sa kanya”.. Noon pa man may pangitain na sya na ang kanyang pinakamamahal na apo ay  magiging isang MUTYA! Ahihihi!

I miss you Lola but I know that you still watch over me
Sa sobrang pagiging Lola’s Boy ko, napagsabihan ako ng kamag-anak ko na paminsan-minsan naman daw ay kumalas ako sa palda ng Lola ako. Hay nako mga pakialamerang palaka! My Lola was my protector, financier, stylist and modista. I love my lola so much, that when she was diagnosed to have Alzheimer’s disease, it broke my heart, moreso when she could not recognize me anymore. When she died I felt that I would not survive without her. But I did survive because I learn a lot from her. Whatever people say, I know I am what I am today because of my Lola B.

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