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Friday, April 29, 2011

May Flowers

Only a few days are left of April and soon the flowers of May will bloom, and here in our small quiet town every barangay will be busy with their preparations for their annual Santacruzan in honor of the cross that Empress Elena found. I remember that I was always a part of these Santacruzans when I was still a child, as the constant escort of my Aunt. She was beautiful and I was prettier, perfect combination! (walang basagan ng trip!bwahaha)
And in our parish, for almost 200 years, the most awaited celebration during the month of May is the traditional Flores de Maria, where parishioners, young and old will offer beautiful flowers of any kind on the foot of the Virgin Mary and members of the “Buena de Familias” of our town come home and flaunt their richness once more. 

Actor Dominic Ochoa was once a “hermano” of this celebration. It also signals that more cute guys will be around! (maisingit lang talaga ang kalandian!) So mga mare, what happens in your place during the merry month of May?



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  2. Welcome buendiaboy! I enjoy your blog..I hope you're liking mine too :)


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