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Friday, July 22, 2011



I have been reading a lot of blog posts that runs with the same topic:

Heart breaks, heart aches..

A relationship they all thought will last forever ended in tears. If a "normal" hetero breakup hurts, what more for PLU's. twice? thrice? or also forever?

Except for a few chosen ones, there are few homosexual relationships that lasts. I don't want to sound so negative but I think that's the truth that we all have to face. I have long accepted that fact. 

That I will be alone.

I've seen this short film from that somehow summarizes things up..


  1. A relationship becomes a failure because there's something wrong with it. On the other side of the coin, a relationship becomes a success because there's something good with it. There's no actual manual in maintaining relationships and it's true.


    Simply because a relationship is the union of two diversified souls. There's no perfect relationship in this world. In this diverse society, accepting each other's differences may prove to be the best ingredient in maintaining relationships.

  2. Erick! I agree with what you've said, but as I have said lately these blogs of our friends focuses on a one sided love affair which for me is unfair.

    Yes, I may be walking on a very sensitive topic, but if I was physically present with Wilberchie, Darknight and BuendiaBoy and was listening to their heartaches I can only give them a tight advises..

  3. sa movie muna, may naalala akong ka-gagahan ko hahah, nakapasok na ko sa ganyang sinehan at 10,000x ang kabog ng puso ko, katakot much, parang ang friendly nung sa movie, pero di ako magmamalinis >_<, at one shot lang ako di ko na uulitin yun...

    at sa mga heartbreaks,...

    wala pa kasi akong serious relationhip that turned to heartaches, but one thing for sure, wala naman gustong maging magisa kuya... dyan naman family at barkada...

    plus ako pa at ibang blog frends diba :)

  4. Kapatid na pong! We have the same experience sa sinehan, nung college pa ako sa Manila, just there to watch a movie but one hand led to another..hihihi ;D

    and like you: one time big time lang yun!

    oo naman, I know that kapatid, but in reality with the kind of life we have, nothing is for sure and forever..

    do I sound cynical? not really just honest with what I feel and think..;D

  5. reality sucks, need to face it, pero walang masama kumapit sa fantasy wag lang sosobra, mental hosp tayo niyan,..

    yes kuya I do get your point :))

  6. I'll just keep on hoping that someday someone will stay on my side for the rest of my life maging sya man ay si shrek o si fiona choz

  7. buendiaboy! habang may buhay may pag-asa! pak! ;D


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