Sige na pindot na!

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Comic..that is.. ;D

Sometimes, in my line of work, I tend to make the same dialogue..

Me: That student of yours' is to stubborn..He's getting into my nerves!

Co-Tits': Then report him to the Discipline Office..

Me: Oh..but heeee's sooooo cuuuuttttteee!

Co-Tits': Pak! ;D

at ito pa isa...

BOY 1: pare, alm mo ba napagalitan ako sa school ko?

BOY 2: eh? bkt naman?

BOY 1: hinalikan ko kc classmate ko eh!!

BOY 2: wow, ayos ka pare, masarap ba??

BOY 1: oo naman!! alam mo ang gwapo gwapo nya!!!

pak! ;D   

Smile and the whole world smile with you!! Have a nice weekend!


  1. Demonyito , isasama ko ito sa gay joke book ko ha okay lang ba? ... thank you po ...

  2. Edgar! Sure naman kapatid! basta mention mo ko ha! hihihi ;D

  3. pak na pak na pak! made my day! whahaha!

  4. Thank you kapatid ... if you still have some of these jokes you may want to send them to me at my email ... dami ko pa kasi kailangan eh ... marami pang kulang he he ... don't worry and I will credit it to your name ... God bless kapatid ...

  5. Wilberchie! Smile kapatid..and the whole world smile with you.. ;)

    Edgar! sige hanap ako..para sa ikaliligaya mo..;D


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