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Monday, August 8, 2011


It was my usual weekend trip to the Mall that Henry Sy built in our province ( his second actually), to pay some bills, lo and behold, who do I see..the woman that turned my world upside down. I dreaded of this day to come, to see her again. For the longest time I thought that the last conversation we had was really the end. I have to move on and not lurk onto desperation and depression. I never liked a complicated life.

But there she was, with her latest boyfriend in tow, a 9th board placer, unfortunately I'm still cuter..choz! Wait, I am going ahead of my story..

Before this dreaded day came, modesty aside, an anonymous texter was texted me, inquiring how am I, I naturally asked who was it, the texter did not reply. My students know that I don't answer anonymous text messages, so I ignored the message. Since then I was receiving messages from the same number and still ignored it. 

Then, yesterday after receiving a message greeting me on the positive outcome of my quest to thinness from this nameless texter I inquired again of his/her name. A reply came, and when I read it, there it was, her name. I guess she is trying to build the burned bridge between us. Honestly, I already erased her contact number in my phone, and never memorized it, it's my way of forgetting her totally in my fucked up mind. After seeing her name, I did not reply..but then..

She: Sana d na lang ako nagpakilala noh. Cge Ingat po lagi.

I read that reply when I was preparing to go to bed, after a few drinks of booze from a friend's party. Not to be accused of being 'ungentle-man' again, I replied with a smiley and then went to sleep. When I woke up and checked my phone, a reply from her.. a smiley too.

Then the incident on my way to the mall happened, I first saw the boyfriend (talagang yung lalaki ang una kong napasin! choz!) carrying a box, then I saw her familiar face, chubbier but still pretty, she saw me, and was in kind of shock and manage a smile, I smiled back and walked pass by them, not giving a second look. I just walked on, not looking back.

A few minutes past and a text message from her..

She: Small world huh.

Me: Indeed..

Her: :)

End of Conversation..

I hope.

believe it or not, it's her and I, during our 'happy days'


  1. Wilberchie! napa-cart will ka ba teh? hahaha ;D

    that's the story of my fucked up mind!

  2. waaah ... hugsss much .... re my request DP ...okay lang yun ... I will wait he he he ... di ko naman minamadali ... TC kafatid


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